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Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions has been designed to offer Montana Real Estate Sellers an exclusive option to utilize Auction processes and Market-Leveraging techniques to arrive at their goal of achieving the Highest & Best Value for any real estate to be sold in the state of Montana!
Selling solutions are customized to Seller needs in selling Residential Single Family Homes, Residential/Commercial Rental Property, Commercial & Business Property, Vacant Land & Lots and of course any Farm & Ranch Properties throughout the state. Big Sky Bid Real Estate auction services are ideal in selling real estate assets across the spectrum for the private individual, private companies/partnerships, lenders, receivers, servicers, trustees, bankruptcy attorneys, estate liquidation, investment companies, as well as municipalities (local, state, federal agencies), etc.
The greatest benefit of partnering with Erich-Emil Gabriel, Lic RE Broker & Auctioneer, is the ability to design your real estate auction framed around a Seller’s timetable and focused on their mandated needs of their sale. Erich utilizes his professional skills to design the offering using all types of auction formats: LIVE Auction, Sealed Bid Auction, Online or combination utility bidding.
A major key to a successful Auction is finding a broker & auctioneer willing to be available to work directly with all interested and qualified bidders and with the Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions’ way of professional auction management all interested buyers/bidders are always provided opportunities to perform extensive due diligence and are well taken care of throughout the marketing campaign, auction day and through to closing
Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions invites all Montana real estate sellers to find out the best local, regional, national and international Market-Leveraging opportunity to get it SOLD! Discover the successful selling solution for your real estate with a custom designed auction platform to attract local to global qualified buyers using a targeted Big Sky Real Estate Auction to accomplish your goal.

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