Sealed Bid, Online to LIVE Auction Event for:
Farm, Ranch, Recreation Properties, Commercial.
States: Montana, Minnesota.
*Seller Paid Marketing 100% Reimbursed Upon Successful Closing*


Welcome! You are invited to see why selling your real estate through an auction, by partnering with Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions, is key to your successful sale.

Is an auction right for you as a Seller?

There is no doubt the process, and results, of an auction get real estate sellers the true market value and, therefore, an auction sale should always be considered when looking to sell your real estate. Whether you are a private individual, builder/developer needing to sell lots or new homes, real estate investor needing to time-manage your purchase & resale strategies, business or corporation needing to liquidate property to expand or contract, owner of farm & ranch property ready to reap the benefits of years of hard work and stewardship, an attorney working with clients required to sell through court order/settlement, lenders to liquidate foreclosed real estate or any municipality (government agency) needing to sell out seized/obsolete/surplus holdings – a custom designed Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions is what you need!

Expert Market-Leveraging

Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions specializes in results oriented, targeted,  aggressive and customized marketing campaigns design around a seller’s needs when selling their Real Estate. Big Sky Bid RE Auctions is a full auction service company and will also assist in the sale of sellers’ personal property (equipment, household, collectibles, etc.). Big Sky Bid Auctions utilizes many market penetrating outlets for you to customize your own marketing campaign – you may desire to include some or all of the following:

  • Print Advertising (Newspapers (weeklies, dailies; local, regional, national), Magazines, Inserts)

  • Radio Advertising (local, national; multiple stations)

  • TV Advertising (local, regional)

  • Direct Mail Advertising (Custom Designed Sale Bill: Poster/Flyer/Post Cards)

  • Direct Email Advertising (local, regional, national; income/demographic, etc.)

  • Direct Phone Contact

  • Targeted Web Ad Placement

  • Press Release

  • Signage – Including Customized Sign/Banner For Each Auction

  • Creation of a Property Information Packet (PIP)

  • Specialized Social Media Marketing targeting by demographics of age, income, profession, etc.

  • Etc.


Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions understands the importance of getting bidders the information they want and need to be ready to attend the auction with confidence they can be the ultimate buyer! Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions assists buyers in their due diligence by managing the following activities on behalf of the seller:

  • Creating a complete Property Information Packet (PIP). This involves seller disclosure form. It is always advised to complete a seller disclosure form because this form is valuable to the bidders during the due diligence process – even though properties are sold “as is – where is”. Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions is required by law to disclose material facts regarding any real estate to be sold.

  • Arranging for showings for prospective bidders and any of their desired inspectors.

  • Allow ease of access to downloading the PIP from the website.

  • Actually following up and speaking to prospective bidders to discover their key points of interest on your property.

  • Being available via phone and/or email to answer questions.

  • Consistently engaging the inquiring bidders throughout the marketing process allows them to understand that the seller expects them to show up at the auction prepared and ready to bid. This also allows Big Sky Bid to keep all the interested bidders abreast on any discovered changes in the offering as the marketing is underway.


The main event is auction day! Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions will conduct almost all the auctions onsite of the real estate being sold. This allows for bidders to view the property and inspect the property one more time, show proof of deposit and get their bid numbers before the bidding starts. The property is usually opened several hours before the auction begins. Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions is in charge of making arrangements for set-up of auction signs, any audio/visual projection equipment, clerking station, food/drink, chairs and tables. If internet/phone access is required (more likely for online and/or phone biding) arrangements can be made. Many properties may not be able to be sold on-site and if that is the case Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions will rent a conference room at a hotel, or other venue, to conduct the auction – this is common in commercial, industrial, hospitality, farm & ranch or multi-property consignment auctions.

When it’s SOLD!

When the final bid is in and the auctioneer says “Sold!” the auction is over and Seller has their Buyer. Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions is not done working for the seller. Right after the auction the bidder must execute the buy sell contract with the FINAL PURCHASE PRICE (which includes the Buyer’s Premium if one is charged) and immediately provide a check(s) totaling the required amount due in escrow (usually 10%). Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions then maintains constant contact with both Seller and Buyer throughout the escrow till the successful closing occurs within 30-days of auction and seller receives their funds.

So when you need get your real estate sold in a timely manner for the highest potential value – you need a Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auction Solution – Where “SOLD!” Get’s Done! Erich Gabriel – Broker – Auctioneer – 406-861-4490 – Broker@BigSkyBid.com

*Big Sky Bid Real Estate Auctions uses a 4XFactor 100% Reimbursement Program for All Auction Sellers. Email for more details!